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In Bilingual Mus Blog, you can find information about anything related to multilingual children. My goal is to gather ideas, opinions, guidance, tips and inspiration about raising multilingual children.

My name is Chryssa and I am the owner of Bilingual Mus. I am an Early Childhood Educator specialized in bilingual/multilingual environments, as well as a Language Coach for families and educators of bilingual children. I am Greek and I have been living in Denmark with my family for the past 10 years. Therefore, some of the posts in Bilingual Mus Blog will be dedicated to the Danish reality and way of living.

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  • Exposure: The Key To Language Acquisition

    Exposure: The Key To Language Acquisition

    Language Acquisition = Exposure Experts say, a child needs to be exposed to a language for approximately 30% of time spent awake in order to start using the language actively. Depending on your child’s age, 30% of awake time corresponds […]

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  • Multilingualism In The Family

    Multilingualism In The Family

    Multilingualism In The Family How Do You Design Your Own Family Language Strategy? Multilingual Families often set the bar at the highest level of proficiency for all the languages they plan to expose their children to, without really planning how […]

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