” Nobody can force a child to speak a language, but you can definitely set the stage so that they want to speak it.”

Family Language Coaching

Raising multilingual children is a wonderful experience, yet one may encounter several challenges along the way. There are many questions and decisions to be made depending on the family set up and the everyday life of the family:

  • Your language approach – what is right for your family? What is important for you? What do you want to achieve with your children, in regards to bilingual development?
  • Who can speak which language to whom?
  • Is your kid getting enough exposure to all target languages?
  • Are your goals realistic?

Every family is different. Every situation is different. Multilingualism sometimes happen naturally, since the parents of the children speak different languages. But then, there are also cases where monolingual families, relocate abroad and therefore exposing the child to a new language environment. A whole new pack of questions and concerns may arise in those cases:

  • In which degree do you wish to integrate to this new society?
  • Will the kid go to an international school or a local school? And what will happen to the home language?

Bilingual Mus offers private Family Language Coaching Sessions to help you through the amazing journey of raising a multilingual child!

Who Can Benefit from our Family Language Coaching Sessions:

  • Expectant parents with more than one language to pass on to the child
  • Parents of multilingual children
  • Expatriate families that are going to relocate abroad for work or other reasons to a different language environment
  • Monolingual families looking to raise a bilingual child

How our Family Language Coaching Sessions Work:

  1. You book a free 15 min exploration talk where we get to meet each other and see how we can best help you
  2. You get a custom made offer from us on what would work best for you. It could be only online sessions on a “paid per hour” basis, but there could also be some face to face meetings, sessions in which our expert, Chryssa, would observe how the family communicates, or even play with you and your kid and give you some guidance on how to motivate and engage the kid in language rich activities.

“I had a great time working with Chryssa, trying to develop a workable plan on how to raise my 2 year old with 3 languages. Chryssa understood my concerns and gave me realistic goals that I could easily work towards. Also though Chryssa had a framework in mind, the conversation was free flowing and she was very easy to talk to. I would recommend her to anyone looking for ways to raise a multilingual kid.”

— Eva’s mum, Copenhagen

Did You Know?

The owner of Bilingual Mus, Chryssa, is a PEaCH Ambassador, an Erasmus+ project, funded by the European Commission. The acronym PEaCH was derived from the main goal of the project: ‘preserving and promoting Europe’s cultural and linguistic heritage through empowerment of bilingual children and families’. Focusing on the 24 official EU languages, PEaCH wants to help both parents and educators of bilingual children to support their family languages. On PEaCH website, parents can consult several other resources:

  • The guide “How to Raise a Bilingual Child” for parents, as well as a large online collection of language learning materials in all EU languages and a set of videos with tips on how to pass on and maintain the family language(s).
  • The guide “How to Support Multilingual Children” for educators, packed with advice and ready-to-use activities!