School & Daycare Workshops

Are you working in a School or Daycare Institution with multilingual children? Do you have children in your institution from families that do not speak the school’s language at home?

If you need extra support, training, guidance, tips and/or ideas on how to support multilingual children, we can offer you the below:

  • Workshops, Training Sessions & Consultation for Pedagogues & Teachers on how to support multilingual children
  • Presentations & Talks for Parents on how to raise and support multilingual children

They Said About Us

“Chryssa from Bilingual Mus has been an amazing asset to the school, the kids loved her & her activities, it was pleasant working with her. She has the ability to engage kids at the level where they are and make them work both individually and in a team in a very harmonious way. She is a special observer who can immediately see and feel where a child is at the moment and how to connect with him/her. Chryssa and Kiki (the puppet) brought joy and lightness to the class!”

— Karin Schurian Rosenø
Member of the Board

Did You Know?

The owner of Bilingual Mus, Chryssa, is a PEaCH Ambassador, an Erasmus+ project, funded by the European Commission. The acronym PEaCH was derived from the main goal of the project: ‘preserving and promoting Europe’s cultural and linguistic heritage through empowerment of bilingual children and families’. Focusing on the 24 official EU languages, PEaCH wants to help both parents and educators of bilingual children to support their family languages. On PEaCH website, parents can consult several other resources:

  • The guide “How to Raise a Bilingual Child” for parents, as well as a large online collection of language learning materials in all EU languages and a set of videos with tips on how to pass on and maintain the family language(s).
  • The guide “How to Support Multilingual Children” for educators, packed with advice and ready-to-use activities!

Book Your Free PEaCH Presentation: “Multilingualism in the classroom”

If you are working/representing a local School / Daycare Institution in Denmark, you can apply for a free PEaCH presentation, followed by a Q&A session.

What To Expect from this presentation:

The Session lasts one hour, 30 min presentation and 30 min Q&A session.

The below topics are covered:

  • A language-friendly classroom environment – why is it important
  • Concerns & Myths on Multilingualism
  • How to support Multilinguals in the school environment
  • Communication with parents